Teachers and Therapists: Kesty Jakes

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Taijiwuxigong classes

Buqi treatments

Meditation classes

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Kesty is based in Stroud in the South West



Kesty Jakes

Kesty is a qualified Buqi practitioner and has studied the Buqi system for thirteen years. She manages a 5 acre woodland with her husband for conservation and as a resource and venue for the local community.  See www.sladebankwoods.org.uk.  Kesty is committed to her own daily practice, which supports her physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Kesty Jakes studied with Dr Shen Hongxun and Poh Eng San who runs weekly Taijiwuxigong classes in Stroud. Treatments are given in a beautiful studio overlooking woodland.

"I am fascinated how our bodies teach us ways to heal. Doing the Taijiwuxigong exercises regularly has helped me to learn where I hold tension in my body.  The practice has given me vitality, energy and feelings of great peace.”