Buqi Treatment

What is Buqi?

Buqi therapy aids health by improving posture and activating our natural self-healing. Dr Shen based Buqi on traditional Chinese medicine which works to boost vital energy, or Qi. Most therapies from the east such Acupuncture, Shiatsu, and Ayurveda view the body’s energy flow as vital to health as the circulation of the blood.

Over time if Qi is blocked this can lead to health problems. Buqi works to release these blockages to restore health.

What can interfere with our energy?

Life’s mix of stress, emotional and physical issues all build tensions in the body muscles and tissues. This blocks the flow of fluids such as blood and lymph that provide nutrition and help repair the tissues. These blocked areas can be felt as pain, tiredness, heaviness, stiffness, or even difficult emotions. Over time the reduced flow of Qi can lead to inflammation and many other health issues.

Buqi treatment works to clear these blocks and restore the circulation of healthy energy through the whole body. In this way, Buqi addresses the root issues behind illness. Symptoms can then disappear naturally.

Physical Benefits

What is a treatment like?

First, the practitioner will ask you about any symptoms, pain, or life issues you have been experiencing. Buqi diagnostic techniques are used, to assess physical tensions, and posture that might impede the body's natural energy flow. The treatment then follows in order to clear these blockages.

There are no needles or painful manipulations – the practitioner works away from your body, and you remain clothed, either sitting or lying. You may feel sensations such as cold, tingling, itching, or pain moving. Often, this is followed by feeling lighter and brighter. The therapist may teach simple exercises to help continue the process of healing at home.

Will I need regular treatments?

The number of treatments you need, and how often, depends on how easy it is to change the root cause of your health problem. Some people might have a course of regular treatments, some might have occasional top-ups, and some people find that just one treatment is enough to make the essential change needed. In some cases people are able to implement further changes in their daily life, and/or through exercises, to sustain the balance for good health.

Finding a practitioner

Please see the Teachers & Therapists page for details of Buqi practitioners in the UK. All practitioners are trained by Buqi Institute, which was founded by the late Dr Shen Hongxun. Dr Shen re-discovered Buqi and formulated a clear system with comprehensive theory. In the 1990s, together with his daughter Master Shen Jin, he began offering professional training courses to pass on this knowledge.

Dr Shen's Buqi system

If you are interested in the professional Buqi practitioner training, please see the Buqi Institute events page. 

Find out more about the founder, Dr Shen Hongxun, and the Buqi treatment system here