Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Is a traditional Chinese martial art used to develop physical and mental health by coordinating body movement with breath and calm focus. It’s recognised for its slow, flowing movements which blend approaches from martial arts and Qigong.

Tai Chi is practised worldwide by people of all ages and stages of health who feel the benefits of this famous ‘moving meditation’.

Physical Benefits

Tai Chi offers a gentle physical exercise proved in many medical studies to benefit the entire body and immune system. Better balance, energy and mobility develop with practice. See the NHS website notes that Tai Chi also can improve posture, and reduce stress, and strengthen the legs. Tai Chi is easy to adapt to each person’s needs.

The study of Tai Chi develops a strong connection between body, posture, movement and mind. This builds long-term confidence and health and reduces the effects of ageing.

Dr Shen's Tai Chi system

Dr Shen’s Tai Chi system includes standing exercises (Taiji 37) to develop strong internal energy and movement. Dr Shen’s form is also taught to help gently stretch open the spine and joints to improve circulation and flexibility. Our form of Tai Chi is based on Yang Style and was created by Dr Shen Hongxun to support health and for martial arts practice. This form helps students to quickly sense and work with their own Qi. Many students practice purely for their health.

Basic partner exercises can also be studied in addition to learning the Tai Chi form.

Other types of class

Other related studies include Tai Chi sword form, Pushing Hands, Sanshou and other systems as taught by Dr Shen and his daughter Shen Jin. These include E- Mei, Five Animals Daoyin (daoyin means exercise), Dragon Daoyin and Yijin Jing.

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