Courses with Shen Jin

Taijiwuxigong Teacher Training with Master Shen Jin, 2024-2025 

This course is designed for future professional Taijiwuxigong teachers, but is also open to participants who wish to study this highly effective system for the benefit of their own health and personal development, as well as existing teachers.

Taijiwuxigong was voted the most effective Qigong system at the World Qigong Congress in China in 1988. Developed by Dr Shen Hongxun during the course of his lifetime, the international school he founded is now lead by his daughter, Master Shen Jin. This course is a rare opportunity to study a profound self-healing method with such a highly experienced teacher.

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Course Content

Shen Jin will teach in such a way as to prepare students to be able to lead a weekly class. Topics covered will include:

  • Activation of Dantian and development of Dantian force
  • Opening the energy channels and circulations
  • Opening the joints and relaxing the muscles
  • The breath and the mind
  • The Eight Stages of development
  • Spontaneous Movement and Wuxi Daoyin
  • How to eliminate Binqi (pathogenic factors)

Professional Qualification

This course will lead to the first level of teaching permission, with the Taijiwuxigong Teaching Diploma being presented upon successful completion of the course and written exam. There will be ongoing support and CPD, and to gain the next level and the full Teaching Certificate, you will need to attend further modules covering aspects of Buqi and Taiji.

Course Structure 2024 – 2025

The training will take the form of 8 components, taught during 2024 and 2025 over a total of 20 days. Shen Jin will teach the course with the assistance of Hilary Thompson. Each of the modules with Shen Jin will be followed by a weekend review session with Hilary, who has worked as an assistant of Shen Jin for many years, and previously assisted Dr Shen. Hilary has also been teaching Taijiwuxigong for over 20 years.


Easter 2024, 29 March-1 April – 4 days with Shen Jin

8-9 June 2024 –with Hilary

5 – 6 October 2024 - with Shen Jin

7-8 December 2024 – with Hilary

Easter 2025, 18-21 April 2025 – 4 days with Shen Jin

7-8 June 2025 – with Hilary

4-5 October 2025 - with Shen Jin

6-7 December 2025 – with Hilary


The course is taught across 2 venues, in order to make travelling easier for people coming from different parts of the country. Courses with Shen Jin will take place at Ashton Park School, Bristol. Weekends with Hilary will be taught at Littleton Hall, Winchester.


4-day courses with Shen Jin: £330

2-day courses with Shen Jin: £170

2-day courses with Hilary: £110

Total cost for the training: £1,440

Discounts and Payment Plans

Book the whole course in advance – Earlybird Discount £140 = £1300

Pay in 2 advance payments, Easter 2024 and Easter 2025 @ £700

Pay monthly @ £75 after initial payment of £225

Bookings & Info

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For further information and any questions, please email

Taijiwuxigong is a profound practise. 

We hope you will enjoy and benefit from it, 

such that you may feel inspired to share it with others.

With thanks to Dr Shen Hongxun, 1939 – 2011