Founding Teachers - Shen Jin

Shen Jin is conducting Teacher Training courses in the UK in 2024-2025, click
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Master Shen Jin (daughter of Dr Shen) began to study with her father at age 9, and has spent over 50 years absorbing and helping to develop the knowledge of this system. When she began to teach at 21 she was recognised as the youngest female Master in the history of Qigong. 

She taught internationally ever since, working closely with her father until he passed away in 2011. Since then, she has continued to lead the international school, offering courses across Europe, including ongoing professional training for new teachers and Buqi practitioners as well as supporting existing teachers to continue developing their own capacities.


As well as everything she learned from a lifetime as her father’s closest student, Shen Jin was also uniquely placed to learn the Emei Mountain Qigong method from her maternal grandfather. She has continued to teach this little-known method with the Buqi Institute’s courses. 

Taiji 13 ‘short’ form

During a 2019 international gathering of Dr Shen students, Shen Jin introduced a new Tai Chi form, Taiji 13. Having worked with her father to develop and teach the Taiji 37 form, now practised and taught by many within this school. The Taiji 13 ‘short form’ was something her father had long-spoken of and Shen Jin had wished to fulfil this dream of his. 

This form is now being passed on by several of our teachers. Being short it’s easier to learn and, due to the small space required, easy for people to practise at home. With more classes now being offered online, this form comes at just the right time.

Shen Jin, who has developed the same ‘empty force’ for which her father was world famous, is also a continual inspiration to students. Even well-established teachers always enjoy learning more from Shen Jin. Her teaching is both light and profound, both simple and endlessly enriching.

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