Paul Brewer - Master teacher, generous friend.

Here Eve Jackson describes how she first encountered Paul Brewer.  The attached article from 'Tai Chi Chuan' of Autumn 1995 demonstrates the depth and clarity of Paul's understanding of Dr Shen's teachings and his unrivalled ability to express them.

Paul Brewer

We are sorry to announce the sad news that Paul Brewer, one of Dr Shen's close students and a long-term teacher of this system, passed away early in the morning of New Years Eve.

Weekend of celebration

The UK Buqi community organised a weekend of practice together to celebrate Dr Shen’s work and to mark the anniversary of 10 years since his passing on 26 October 2011.

Online Classes in Qigong, Tai Chi and Meditation

Many teachers are offering online classes, often free, which makes it easy to explore the health and wellbeing benefits of Dr Shen's system. Dr Shen's qigong is called Taijiwuxigong. Some also offer Buqi treatment online.

Tai Chi is shown to prevent falls in older adults

The slow, focused movements of tai chi help build confidence and skill in coordination and balance for people of all ages. Many studies show this helps older people avoid falls.