Founding Teachers - Dr Shen

Dr Shen Hongxun (1939 – 2011) devoted his life to the study and teaching of the Chinese healing arts, with a view to creating a bridge between East and West for the benefit of all.

His training began in childhood, with his grandfather being his first important influence. From the age of 11 he began to meet the teachers who would help him awaken his innate abilities. With characteristic energy and passion, he threw himself into the studies that would direct a unique path through life. He developed healing systems of Tai Chi, Qigong and Qi therapy that changed the lives of thousands. 

Buqi Treatment

Dr Shen combined his rich knowledge of Chinese and Western medicine with abilities to work with ‘chi,’ developed through Tai Chi and meditation. Practitioners learn to work with chi to heal - ‘first for oneself, then for others’. Dr Shen formulated the ‘theory of the double vicious circle of posture and emotion' to explain the root cause of much ill health, and offer the key to effective treatment.


Dr Shen's Qigong (Taijiwuxigong) is based on Tai Chi. His Taijiwuxigong self-healing exercises benefit both general health and specific body systems. Buqi treatment teaches even more specific self-healing exercises to improve posture and specific health conditions.

Tai Chi

As a boy he studied with some of the greatest teachers of the day. Dr Shen's approach to Tai Chi focused on using chi for health as well as martial application. He was known for his use of ‘empty force’ with which he often moved his students from a distance.


Dr Shen studied with Daoist and Buddhist masters and had a deep interest in the spiritual dimension. He was given teaching permission by his Buddhist lama, but chose to remain a secular teacher, interested above all in health in its widest sense. 

His meditation retreats were deeply transformative. He helped each student awaken within their individual capacity using information transmission. Dr Shen was not only a great Master and teacher but also a warm-hearted, easy person to be around and great good fun. He was a loveable and unforgettable guide who changed the lives of all who studied with him.

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