"In the autumn of 1995, my husband Dave Stevens came home carrying a copy of Tai Chi Chuan, the journal of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, thinking that it would interest me as I was learning taiji. He had picked it up while browsing in a bookshop and dipped into it, and was very impressed by the first article in it, which he said I should read. It was the story of Paul Brewer's meeting with Dr Shen. Dave had at one time practised aikido with Chiba Sensei, and had had experiences similar to Paul's, so he realised that this Dr Shen with his extraordinary powers must be a significant master. Synchronistically I picked up a leaflet in the home of an acupuncturist friend with a picture of Dr Shen on the front. It announced a Buqi course starting early in the new year. Dave and I both booked the course. So Paul, whom I had never met, was directly instrumental in my becoming a student of Dr Shen - a thousand thanks, Paul. It was not until a year or two later that I learnt that Paul had got a lot of flak over this article from other teachers who had not had such experiences and denied their possibility. Fortunately, I have managed to hold onto the magazine, and I hope others will enjoy reading it."

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