Courses with Shen Jin

A new Taijiwuxigong Teacher Training, with accreditation from the Buqi Institute International, started in April 2024 with Shen Jin. Over 70 people joined the first part of the training and the feedback was excellent. For more information about this course, please see the Teacher Training page here

Feedback from Shen Jin's UK recent UK courses:

"It was great. Really subtle but strong. I feel calm and relaxed since."

"The course demonstrated to me the profundity of this tradition..."

"Shen Jin was really warm and I appreciated her attention to people..."

"...Shen Jin's teaching about quiet was really helpful..."  

"Shen Jin gave me much food for thought and guidance for future practice." 

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Master Shen Jin 

Shen Jin has now been teaching Taijiwuxigong internationally for over 35 years, and prior to that assisted her father in China for 10 years. Until her father’s death in 2011, they frequently taught together, developing a large group of international students and teachers and helping many hundreds of people to discover better health and wellbeing through Taijiwuxigong. Dr Shen officially recognised Shen Jin as the Head of Taijiwuxigong Teachers over 20 years ago. She now continues to teach and encourage all students and teachers to develop and take the Taijiwuxigong system forwards into the future for their own health, and for the benefit of all. See Shen Jin's page here.

International workshops with Shen Jin 

Everyone is welcome to attend Shen Jin’s courses in other countries. It can be a lot of fun to travel and meet students in other countries and become part of the international network of students. 

Summer Courses in Ghent, Belgium - open to all

Taiji 37 - 7th to 9th August

Taijiwuxigong - 10th to 13th August 

There are also courses with Shen Jin in Norway, Holland and France as well as other weekend dates in Belgium. For more information, please see the Buqi Institute Course Agenda here.