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Anita first met Dr Shen in 1996 on a Wuxi meditation course. 

At that time, she was working as a massage and reflexology therapist. Her experiences whilst working with patients had developed a keen interest in understanding more about the energetic and spiritual level.The connection with Dr Shen was immediate, and Anita enrolled on the Buqi healing course and from that time on, began following all of Dr Shen's teachings. In 1999 she qualified as a Buqi healer and also began teaching Taijiwuxigong.

From 2000 to 2003 she worked  with Dr Shen running the Shen Hongxun college based in London. Working alongside him in clinical practice offering Buqi healing at the Kailash centre St Johns Wood. 

 In more recent times Anita embarked on a professional course in Shamanic studies to deepen her understanding of Vibrational medicine and the spiritual aspects of health care.

Currently Anita teaches Taijiwuxigong and offers Buqi healing in Devon and online. 

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