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Bristol. South West

Web: taichiworksbristol.co.uk

Facebook: Tai-Chi-Works

Zoom: Qigong (Taijiwuxigong)

Karen started exploring Tai Chi and other Chinese health and martial arts in 1982.  This journey has taken her from London to California and to Bristol where, in 1994, she was fortunate to find Dr Shen.  Since then she has studied Buqi, Taiji 37, Taijiwuxigong, Meditation, Emei and Taiji13 to diploma and teaching levels with both Dr Shen and his daughter Shen Jin.  

Her working ethos is: the teachings of Dr Shen are simple but profound; everyone can benefit wherever they are in life; everything/everyone works better when it is fun.  Karen has taught individuals and groups, aged from 4 to 101!

Weekly classes:

Tai Chi37 - Tuesday 11.45-12.45, Northcote Hall, BS9 3TY 

Tai Chi37 - Wednesday 11.00-12.00, Westbury Park Methodist Hall, BS6 7QB 

Beginners Tai Chi37 – Wednesday 14.00-15.00, The Greenway Centre, BS10 5PY 

Taijiwuxigong - Thursday 11.00-12.00, On Zoom

To find out more have a look at my website: Tai Chi Works

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